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John Eagle Art

I often paint over work I am not a hundred per cent happy with. A short while before Christmas 2014 I decided to paint a snowy scene of Eyeries with the intention of making a Christmas card. Children playing in a snow scene appealed and I thought it would be fun. However it just didn't sit right with me. I suppose partly because we never have this much snow. Instead I used the image to email it to my friends wishing them a Happy Christmas, and so save the costs of printing a card. Selling greeting cards is a dicey business, especially in such a small market as Eyeries. People advised me to put Greeting from Beara on it instead of from Eyeries, and then I began to wonder what I was doing this for. I decided I would email the pic to my friends and paint over the original.

The paint wasn't even dry when I went at it, putting a storm scene over it, see below

Gathering storm #21Gathering storm #21oil on canvas
The storm was just starting to move things around, Seamus and Mick hurried down to the boats to tie them down, make them as safe as possible before the heaving waves washed over the strand

I went back to the soul of what inspires me, a storm scene showing the world raging around me with people hurrying for cover. The house is me, my protection from the hostile world. The people I put in are never me, they could be friends, but they are never me. I am usually the house, and the mountains are my protection.

I was happy with the result and left it to dry in my studio.

But something wasn't quite right.

Windows from the original Eyeries painting were starting to show through, showing themselves in the mountains. So I deliberated with myself for a few days as what I would do about this. Part of me felt no-one would spot this, as when the oil hangs on the wall you couldn't really see them. However it irked me and I knew I would have to paint some more, without removing the initial subject matter

Gathering Storm #20AGathering Storm #20AThe boats are upturned as the fishermen, after making things safe, prepare to take shelter from the storm that will explode and churn the sea into a frenzy. Plenty of whiskey in the cupboard to pass the night away, go fishing again in the morning. Original oil painting on canvas by John Eagle 2015

I put some Paynes grey and dark blue into the mountain to totally hide the windows, and of course it brought it forward dramatically, so I had to work on the left side as well. Now the valley became much deeper and the sky needed touching up. I added some blue, then white and really liked the way the white appeared to tear off the ridge. The end result is what you see above.

I hope you like it as much as I do


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