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Oil painting

November 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


I have been through a rough patch with my creative painting. I suppose with the busy summer of constantly traveling, showing people round Ireland, I lost my way a little. A friend, artist Bill Griffin, asked me if I would paint a small piece for sale to raise money for next year's Michael O'Dwyer tin whistle festival. He asked me this in September. I sighed, not because I didn't want to paint but because my desire to paint was not there. I did not want to go into my studio and paint. It was going to be a fairly barren two months for me although I did manage one oil

This one I did at the start of October. I was pleased with it, but it gained hardly any reaction and that didn't help my state of mind. I concentrated on taking pictures instead. Sarah Walker came to the rescue, showing 6 of my oils in her lovely Art Gallery by the harbour in Castletownbere, lighting them beautifully. It should have spurred me on, but I still felt out in a barren land. I bought a couple of canvases in the Art Shop in Bantry, putting them where I would see them waiting to be painted, like to nudge me into painting. I shook my head, it just wasn't in me to paint. Bill reminded me a few times that he needed me to paint. I nodded, then forgot about it. Then he saw me last week and said he needed that painting. I nodded, and asked him when he needed it by, he told me it was for next week. By now it was becoming a burden, something weighing on my mind to get something done. So I went and did him his painting, on a small canvas 7x5 inches and felt relieved that I had got that out of the way.

However there was a slow rumbling fire inside me, a sort of anger, thoughts of Turner came to mind, a scene of a burning sky, galleon ablaze. I felt angry with the world, but for no real reason. The last painting I had done, the one above, I had posted on my John Eagle Art Facebook wall and it had gained 2 likes. Maybe people were bored with me, or as it came to pass I felt they just weren't interested in art.

November 9th I went to bed with desire to paint again, a hell fury painting, let my thoughts pour out onto canvas. I woke today, 10th and went back to sleep. No interest in painting. There were other things I could be doing. I fed the pets, and picked up the bag with the two canvases and said I would give one a try.

To hell with all those idiots who tell me to stop painting dark, I was going to paint another dark one. I put out dollops of black, paynes grey, dark blue, primrose red, dark purple, dark green and some white, then went at the canvas.

Boat repairBoat repairSeamus and Mihael tending their boat during the winter months on the coast of Beara. Oil on canvas 16x12 inches

As it turned out it wasn't so dark by the finish. Two men, Seamus and his brother Mihael making repairs to their fishing boat while a wild Atlantic storm rages. 16x12 inches in size. Standing back I am really pleased with the result. Share on Facebook? Nah, that is the crux of the problem, it cheapens it too much. If only two people like it again will I stop painting for another two months? I will leave it on my website for people to slowly discover. Facebook is far too quick, bang it up there and hope nice comments come. But who cares if it gets liked? I know several people who hit the like button just like they suck on a fag, more than one likes everything I do, so in reality they like nothing I do. Facebook is good for jokes, silly videos but not much else.



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