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I've been painting a few storms of late

Moonlight smugglersMoonlight smugglersDown amongst the caves on the wild Beara coast men bring ashore items of value. Original oil painting by John Eagle. March 2015

I did this one in early March, but very quickly disliked the slanting caves, which just didn't look at all right. In the middle of the month I went at it and changed it to the one below

Moonlight smugglersMoonlight smugglersSmugglers bring the loot ashore as the storm continues to rage, lucky to suvive the onslaught of the wild weather. Oringal oil painting by John Eagle

First I brought an area of green fields on top of the cliff down to the sea level, then felt they didn't work so I took the right side and put sea in there, then it all came together. I never plan my paintings, I never know how any of it is going to look when I begin, I just paint and it all forms on the canvas

Almost homeAlmost home24x20 inch original oil painting by John Eagle, local fishermen rowing for home as the storm picks up, but they are almost there. Original painting on show at the Sarah Walker Gallery in Castletownbere

Here's another examplke of a storm. It began with a red sunset, which I soon grew tired of, and put in mountains. There was more rocks in the foreground and pretty soon they went as well. The house took awhile to paint in, just getting the size right and then adding people on the beach in front of it. I spent ages on that area. The boat with the men rowing for home came together quite quickly.



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