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Coulagh BayCoulagh BayView from the Castletownbere to Eyeries road of Coulagh Bay. Cod's Head on the left, Scarriff in the middle area and Bolus Head on the right. The gorse is in flower and the lambs are in the fields

The gorse is in full bloom on the Beara Peninsula, lambs are in the fields, lots to photograph

Eyeries strandEyeries strandEyeries strand, Coulagh bay and Miskish range beyond

Eyeries Strand area is looking lovely

Coulagh BayCoulagh BayCoulagh Bay, Eyeries Strand; and Miskish range out to the Cod's Head

Coulagh Bay, with the Miskish Range running out to the Cod's Head, this is the prettiest part of the Eyeries parish at the moment, April 2015. The village itself is having lots of roadworks done, the dreaded water meters are being put in and pavements re-done and to make matters worse there's unfinished building work at the eastern end of the village making photography nigh impossible, so capturing the village itself is best avoided at present, but we hope things will look better soon


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