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Bull Rock boat trip

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Bull Rock boat trips

I started organizing these boats trips for the Irish lighthouse tours that I do, and then realized that many people just wanted to visit the rock and go through the tunnel. So a couple of years ago I began organizing special boat trips to the Bull. These go out the harbour's mouth of Castletownbere, turn right and shoot out there on a high speed rib. It is a lot of fun and I give a commentary along the way telling my people about the sights they can see along the way

Bull Rock tunnelBull Rock tunnelThe awesome entrance to the Bull Rock cave. Passing through this on John Eagle's Irish Lighthouse tours is very exciting. This picture was taken during the 2011 Southern Extreme Lighthouse Tour. Picture: John Eagle

The big attraction is the Bull Rock tunnel, which some believe was built by the ancient Celts. Others say it is the route to the Underworld. We power through it in the rib as the video at the end of this post will show

The Bull Rock lighthouse. Now the old lighthouse because it has been replaced by an ultra modern LED light on the hill above it.

Bull RockBull RockThe old oil works at the Bull Rock used to make the fuel that powered the light, now replaced by an LED light powered by solar panels. It stands directly above the eastern entrance to the cave. I took the picture May 21st 2015 during one of my trips to the Bull. Picture: John Eagle

The old works that produced the fuel for powering the lighthouse, looks more like an Inca settlement high up in the Andes

If you would like to join me on a boat trip to the Bull the cost is 400 euros for the trip. So if there are 8 of you it is 50 euros each. Details can be found on my website

Here is a video I shot and I hope you enjoy it




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