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Oil painting

May 20, 2017  •  3 Comments

Hidden ValleyHidden ValleyReturning home to my house in the hidden valley on the Beara peninsulla

I was in an indifferent mood this morning, slept in late after taking my chemo tablets knowing full well I should be going to the funeral of a friend in Allihies at 1pm. But I had had a bad night, very sick, and I didn't really feel well enough to drive over to Allihies. If I did leave for the funeral then I would need to leave the house by Noon at the latest, but the cats needed feeding and so I went out to the studio and after feeding them decided a seascape might be a nice oil to paint. As it turned out I painted the above landscape. I never know what I am going to paint, it always comes straight out of my head onto the canvas. I am really pleased with this one. I think I work better under a bit of pressure, that being to get it done so I had time to drive to Allihies. I got it done all finished in about 30 minutes and realised I wouldn't make the gathering before the burial, then I realised I wouldn't make the burial either. Being on chemo I am not supposed to to attend gatherings anyway.  Just think, if I don't suvive then this oil might be worth a fortune!!

This one I am calling 'The Hidden Valley' and you can also see it on my website or you can purchase prints of it from right here on my Zenfolio site.

I am rather pleased with my effort. The oil is 20x16 inches, oil on canvas


This painting is really Beautiful. It says a lot to me. Thank~you for sharing it.
Dear John,
Keep up your fortitude. You are a gift. Take care of you, your kitties, your pup and your art. This painting is intriguing. Love it! Love you! Keep the faith.
jim jewell(non-registered)
Survive, John. You are worth so much to so many. Your painting is so enthralling on so many different levels and speaks volumes of your worth. You don't know me as i come from a long, long way away, but i connected through my brother, Joe Jewell, sister-in-law Carla Neggers, and John Moriarty. i have followed you for several years and just wish we could sit down on a hillside looking over a hidden valley and just talk for a long, long time. Thanks. My thoughts and prayers are with you. jim jewell
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