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Oil painting re-working

Turf CartTurf CartPatrick bringing home a load of turf from the bog with the help of his faithful horse Daisy

The Turf Cart

Usually when I paint a pre-conceived idea it doesn't really work. I had this image of a horse and cart bringing home the turf. The trouble with ideas I don't see every part of the scene and as in the above oil I added in the stream on the left to fill up that area. It proved a disaster. I wasn't happy. It cut off a section of the painting which didn't have much on it, basically making two paintings. As well as this I wasn't happy with the horse. It just didn't look right, resembling a creature from the time before humans came on the Earth, I had to do something, so started by touching up on parts of the painting, which never works. I had to paint over most of it and basically start again. The paintings I develop on the canvas always work much better to those I paint from ideas.

So I painted the one below which I am now calling The Turf Cart #2

The Turf CartThe Turf CartSeamus bringing the turf home from the bog with his horse Dolly


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