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Pushing the boundaries

April 12, 2018  •  1 Comment

Flying to the outer limits

InisfernardInisfernardWestern end of Inisfernard Island

Off the Beara coastline lies an uninhabited island that has enchanted me for many years. It is in fact three islands, the western end being divided by two channels. I have been through the channels in a boat, I have landed on the island a few times for picnics and more recently for a Mass ceremony 

There used to be people living on the island up until the middle of the 20th century, and a pier on Kilcatherine served as a loading place for turf to be shipped out. There are ruins on the eastern southern sheltered side of the island. where the land slopes to the sea, unlike the cliffs on the Kenmare Bay side to the north.


InisfernardInisfernardInisfernard Island

The above shows the channels that divide the island into three, looking across to the Miskish Mountains across Coulagh Bay

Western IsleWestern IsleInisfernard Island on the Beara peninsula

This view is from just out from Kilcatherine Point showing the island stretching out into the Atlantic Ocean. with not much after before you get to North America

InisfernardInisfernardInisfernard Island

This was the shot I flew out there for, showing the whole length of the island. complete with amazing surf. On the left you can see Kilcatherine Point and across Coulagh Bay to Eyeries village and Miskish Mountain

The risk of course is the drone might crash into the sea, and be a right off. But the reward is a shot like this with the 20 mega pixel camera

Drone used Phantom 4 Pro Plus


Vern Wickstrom(non-registered)
I liked the pictures of the 3 islands swept by surf and lonely yet inviting.
That someone lived there for a while is interesting. What history there must be.
We will make it back to Ireland: God willing

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