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I am driven by a passion to take pictures of new subjects. I look to see what other photographers haven't done and then go about taking pictures. I usually dwell on the subject matter for quite awhile, to choose the right light and get the angle right from the sun. My shots of Eyeries Island, for instance, took a couple of months to take even though I look at the island every day of my life. I often told myself it wasn't worth the risk to fly all the way out there with the drone. It is €2000 worth of gear and the slightest mistake and into the ocean it goes to be lost forever. The opportunity came in mid March 2018, just the right slanting light, surf and background feel on the Miskish mountains.

I was the first to take pictures of Ireland's lighthouses and make postcards of them. This is something purely out of passion. I wanted to take pictures of them and managed to get lifts in the helicopters that flew to the lighthouses. I took my first aerial shots of the Fastnet in 1993. There had been other photographers before me taking shots of them but not on a commercial basis. One of those was the late Michael Costeloe who gave me the information I put on the backs of the postcards.

Twice a year I take people from all over the World on week long trips to visit lighthouses on both north and south coasts of Ireland.

The idea is to have fun in life, and shake off any stress that might try to attach its ugly self

Come explore Ireland through my pictures and maybe you would like to purcashe some for hanging on your walls

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